Fresno Cabinet Installation

When it’s time to install your cabinet, you can trust Elite Cabinet Fabrication, Inc. to get the job done. Each installation is managed by a general contractor so your cabinet is perfectly installed into your home or office.


Installing your new Elite cabinet is a breeze, with the help of our general contractor.

Once your cabinets are ready for installation, our partners at Aztec Tile & Granite are well-equipped to install your cabinets with ease. We’ll arrange an installation date(s) and deploy our team to seamlessly install your cabinets.

Exclusive focus on cabinets

Our passion for cabinets lets us deliver superior service and products.

At Elite Cabinet, we believe it’s best to do one thing and do it the best way. Because our fabrication services are completely in-house, we’re able to consistently deliver quality that’s unmatched by companies that outsource critical aspects of cabinet fabrication. There’s no “subbing” here; we design, manufacture, and install the cabinets we sell to you. We even have a general contractor (GC) that will oversee your cabinet installation to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Get Your New Cabinets Today!

We’d love to help you redo your home’s style and design with the perfect cabinets. Contact us today to get your questions answered and a fast quote.